In-Person Experiences to Connect Distributed Teams

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Why we’re here?

Collectively we have worked remotely at 9 different companies, but left each experience with no lasting relationships. Nvidia organized virtual events to help coworkers bond. With 50% attendance and 10% engagement on the first happy hour, it failed horribly. We left because we didn’t feel connected at work.

We moved to SF and grabbed lunch with our old coworkers. We immediately connected in-person. Since the beginning of January, we’ve talked to remote tech employees and managers. After 250+ interviews, it was abundantly clear that people are craving meaningful relationships at work. The easing of COVID restrictions presents a clear opportunity for distributed companies to increase engagement through in-person experiences.

What we’re building?

We’re building a platform that intelligently plans in-person events. Recess plans team events (escape rooms, mini golf, hikes) and uses employee preferences to create impromptu hangouts (dinner, coffee, happy hours). Our platform takes the burden of planning away from managers, provides analytics on employee engagement and reduces remote employee isolation to mitigate retention risks.

10x Employee Relationships

Build meaningful coworker relationships in 3 simple steps:

  1. Employers set a per-employee budget on Recess
  2. Employees select from an intelligently curated list of experiences
  3. Restaurants get auto reserved, waivers sent out beforehand if necessary
  4. Coworkers meet in person (lunch, happy hour, escape room)

Additionally, managers receive insights on employee isolation better mitigate retention risk.

Unique Insights

Employees are craving meaningful connections with their coworkers, and remote interactions aren't going to cut it.

People want to be friends with their coworkers to create a supportive work environment.

Remote/hybrid future and it’s possible to host consistent in-person events to build relationships because employees are centralized around cities (NYC, SF, SEA, AUS, etc).